Sick varial heel down a 9 –
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As seen on RIDICULOUSNESS “Neil Wilson came out from the bay area to Oakdale, CA to catch up on some filming for his part in “Reality Check”. On a ledge that could be comparable to the Clipper Ledges in how rounded and chunky they have become, Neil still tries to power through the ledge with his favorite grind, the fs crooked grind. First go and he gets all the way to the end, but shortly after a few more tries, he ends up pulling what everyone who grinds fears having happen: he misses his front truck and lands back first on the edge of the ledge, then drops down straight onto his head with a reversed scorpion. Despite the fall, he still was able to not only walk away on his own, but he also drove himself and a friend home. Round 2 coming soon.” -word and filmed by Daniel Garbez
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